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Windstream Intranet Employee Retirement Benefits

Windstream Intranet Employee Retirement Benefits

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"Top 5 Ways to Not be Ripped Off by the Government in Your Retirement."

Windstream Intranet Employee Retirement Benefits

We help people just like you, create and grow wealth, protect and preserve assets and plan for the distribution of those assets while living and after death.


Debt of all kinds will overcome government and the American people. It is predicted that the federal government will incur debt of more than $1 trillion per year for the next decade. That would bring our debt total to an astounding $23 trillion. With inflation and interest rates increasing, the interest on that debt would become the biggest expense of our budget in the years ahead. We are painting our country into a financial corner. Meanwhile, personal debt will also prevent Americans from having the money to invest in the opportunities that will surely present themselves in the years ahead.

A huge challenge for federal, state, and local governments will be funding and then delivering on entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, federal pensions, state pensions, health care programs, etc. I ask my prospects and clients: where will we get the money?

We need to help you understand that this is a new era for all people, not just Americans. These are global challenges. The 21st century will be about self reliance. You will not be able to depend on governments or corporations or large companies to ensure your financial well being. The responsibility will rest squarely where it belongs, in the hands of the individual. We will all be responsible for or own well being. That is what makes now, such an exciting time for our industry. We are strategically situated to help the American people make that transition. They will only make that transition if we deliver that message clearly and concisely and consistently. I have never been more excited to do what I do for a living. I hope this will inspire you to fulfill your responsibility to yourselves and the American people! What a great decade this will be for all of us!

This takes many professional tools. Our professionals understand equities, insurance, real estate principals, and have an intricate knowledge of how the aging process affects individuals. They also understand how social security plays into the whole picture, how mortality tables and morbidity tables complicate the decision making process and how the various pieces all fit togther.

Here at the Retirement Planning Team we want to help guide you through the ins and outs of your retirement dollars and help you get the most out of what you have.

There are distinct different phases of life. When you start out, your prime earning years are before you and time is on your side. When you factor that in with your decision to accept a reasonable amount of risk, you can properly evaluate your risk tolerance. By far the most important asset in this phase is time and not necessarily experience. As you move into your prime earning years you now have to balance your retirement portfolio with your retirement target date. When you approach retirement your portfolio should switch to a situation that protects your money. This will insure the protection of what you have earned over the course of your working life time.

This is traditional financial planning. However, our economy has changed dramatically. The game has now changed completely. Will the DOW ever top 14,000 again or will it hover at the low range where it currently resides? You might consider conditions around the world. Will there be Social Security when you retire? How big is a trillion dollars? Let's look at it in terms we can all understand. One million seconds is eleven days. This is not so big in the grand scheme of things. One billion seconds is thirty-two years. There's a big jump. One trillion seconds is thirty-two thousand years. Does the picture become a little clearer? How does the current economic downturn effect your retirement? Let us help you find out how. Let us help you with your retirement and tax planning. From Reverse Mortgages to FHA and HUD guidelines, from Medicare to avoiding probate, we can help.

For more information please contact us at: 1-888-627-3847.

Windstream Intranet Employee Retirement Benefits

Windstream Intranet Employee Retirement Benefits

  1. Annuities #1 fear = outliving your money. You can guarantee income for life with a fixed indexed annuity.
  2. Probate could take 50% of your estate but not your money if it is in an annuity.
  3. There is a way not to be a burden on your kids "SPIA = Single Premium Immediate Annuity".
Windstream Intranet Employee Retirement Benefits


Windstream Intranet Employee Retirement Benefits

"I wanted to know how to grow my money with no risk. I was taught about "Equity Indexed Annuities" where I could participate in some of the gain of the stock market with none of the risk. Thank you Lee."

- Dr Bob(Physician)
  Tehachapi, CA

"I was going to have to go through probate, but after I talked with Chris, we set up my situation so that I never have to worry about probate again, Thanks Chris."

- Nancy V(Physician)
  Loma Linda, CA

"Estate taxes were going to eat up most of the money that I wanted to pass on to my kids. This was unacceptable to me. After meeting with Amanda I was shown how to eliminate estate taxes."

- Mr Ontiveros
  Barstow, CA

"I used an Equity Indexed Annuity to grow my money with no risk, since all I wanted to do is pass it on to my kids anyway it worked out perfectly."

- Mr Rudding
  Los Angeles, CA

"I was shown how to pass on my wealth to my children with 5 years of equal payments so I was assured that they would not spend it all at once. Thank you Retirement Planning Team."

- Mr Blass
  Beverly Hills, CA